The King Community

Since the start of the new year, we have entertained many prospective students and hosted countless tours in the Middle School.  Whenever I get the opportunity, I will meet up with Mr. Carson, who is usually giving the tour, so that I may introduce myself to these families and to the students.

Last week, there was a family out in the Atrium  preparing to head out on a tour.  Once I joined Mr. Carson and this family, the Middle School students were transitioning from class to a Flex period.  As you can imagine, the Atrium became very loud and lively.  I apologized for the increased noise level, but the father of the family, looked around, and exclaimed to me, “But this is reason why we would like to send our son to King.”

This father, his wife and his son could feel the energy in the room.  King students were cordially speaking with each other (in very loud voices), but the father simply saw students positively interacting.  Later, two teachers walked into the Atrium at this point.  The parents on the tour were blown away by how easily students and Faculty related to each other.

I was very proud that this family got a small glimpse into the King community.  Students and Faculty interacting with each other are simply the way things are here.  As a matter of fact, these relationships form the backbone of our program.  When these relationships are strong, students (and their parents) feel supported, and feeling supported helps students find success.

We will continue to build the best community we can be.

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